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Random Rant on Periodisation

Allow me to rant on a subject which I am always reluctant to discuss when it comes to training. It is termed periodisation, and I have always dreaded to deal with it. I somehow feel lucky, as I am not training any athletes in my gym. Training athletes needs an organized approach for them to fare better in their field.
I have a gym where many guys come at the same point of time, and it becomes difficult to prescribe personalised workouts to them. But I try to do my level best, and I will tell you how. For example, if a person is nursing an injury, the training protocol will be different when compared to the other person. So, it is not that I prescribe workouts unanticipated without any feedback from the person. I usually question them and ask them for their feedback before getting into the nitty- gritty of their training protocol.
I know that I have deviated far away from the topic which I wanted to discuss about. I felt a necessity to discuss my views before getting into the definition of periodisation. Dr Mel Siff says “Periodisation refers to the long-term planning or, cycling of a series of training sessions to enable an athlete to reach peak form on specific occasions.” Going by the above definition, my gym members don’t have to peak for any specific competition. At the most, what many of them are concerned about is to shed the fat and pose a shredded midsection. How do I organize their routines to help them achieve their fitness goal? That is, how do I periodise their training protocols? I nudge them to improve their GPP (general physical preparedness). I do this by gradually allowing them to lift progressively heavier weights, and importantly try to improve their work capacity by increasing their body conditioning. The work capacity is improved by engaging in high intensity interval training. What I am worried about is the weight training days. I can do better by organizing the workouts in a more efficient way. I am striving to do it. All these days I was reluctant to do so, as I never thought that it would be of real help. But, I have lately tried to bring in some kind of order in my training, which has actually helped to better myself when it comes to lifting progressively heavy weights. The overload principle which is one of the seven grand daddy laws is of some importance when it comes to adhering to progress in the right direction. Brooks Kubik from and the author of the famous book Dinosaur Training swears by this principle.
Most of the members who frequent Ironcult don’t question me when it comes to training, but there are quite a few who ask me many queries related to training. It interests me a lot to answer them and to train such people who are inquisitive. For, it prods me to really do some thinking. I believe we learn a lot by discussing rather than studying books. There is always more scope for improvement.
What have I achieved from the above discussion? I believe I have tried to justify my stand when it comes to training individuals. We are all responsible for the acts we do and it is better we know the reason behind them. Way to go. Namaste.

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