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Should Ladies Lift Heavy?

Hey guys, this is Yoana Snideman for you. She is 5.1 in height and her bodyweight is 110 lbs. Does she look bulky and muscular to you? Are you ladies still afraid of lifting heavy? Do you fear that lifting heavy will make you man-like? You will find all the answers to these queries if you watch the video.
You can see Yoana doing Turkish get up with a 24 kg kettlebell. Now, don’t be afraid about the kettlebell. It is a very useful training modality used in many countries. It was the Russians who invented it. It has become famous in the US because of Pavel Tsatsouline who is a strength training coach revered by many in the US. He has authored many books on strength training and many other related topics.
I tried talking to equipment manufacturers here and asked them whether they could construct a kettlebell for me. The talks are still in process, and I should hopefully get it done this year. It is a good training tool which can add some variety to our training. It is specifically used for the development of strength, endurance, agility, and balance. We can tweak in workouts to our needs depending on the context. Many workouts performed on a kettlebell can also be executed on a dumbbell though. OH! I believe I have digressed from the topic.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavy. Listen to what Yoana has to tell in the video. Namaste.

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