As the name “Iron Cult” might suggest, we do not embrace popularity at the cost of integrity. We are not here to boast of our experience and accomplishments, for many have accomplished far greater feats than us. I would like for you to consider that I have been an avid student of life for as long as I can remember. I continuously conduct research through many venues—the internet, books, correspondence with peers, etc—in order to upgrade my knowledge. Many times in the past I have suffered severe injuries experimenting with rigorous bodybuilding routines, and on occasion, admittedly, I still have a tendency to become a bit overzealous and extend my limits; but in the main, I have learned that balance and integration are the keys to real physical fitness. In short, I have discovered the value of variety and functional training as means of injury prevention, and I would welcome the opportunity to share with you a few of the insights I have gleaned during my ongoing quest for “fitness”.